Oct 15

Web Page, Web Presence, SEO and Sales Success

Web Page, Web Presence, SEO and Sales Success
by Joerg Buyna

In this article I would like to explain and hopefully eliminate a few misunderstandings on the topics of web pages and online success.
The targeted reader is not the one whose website is used mostly as an electronic business card, but rather those who intend to create income through online sales.

So you have a great web site, but what’s next? To ensure that you will be found by visitors or potential customers, you want a high ranking in the major search engines as soon as possible. A variety of tools, i.e. SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Social Media, blogging, press releases etc. may lead to the desired success. Maybe…

Let’s talk about some things here and get started with the #1 misunderstanding. SEO.
Many people think SEO’s main purpose is to reach the highest ranking possible in search engines. But SEO is not only creating keywords and metadata on your web page. Also, repeat them as many times as possible does not result in a higher ranking.

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Jul 14

Joint Journal – June 2015


Joint Journal-338x150 Brought to you
Alana Roberts
Joerg Buyna


Hi everyone!

As you know, ALANA ROBERTS at AMAZINGLYVIRTUAL.com and I, JOERG BUYNA at JMBVIRTUAL.com are collaborating for more than 5 years. We both felt that it’s time to provide a more frequent update to our clients on administrative and IT related topics.
But why should we issue TWO newsletters if we can easily combine them? So here we go: Welcome to our Joint Journal.

In the upcoming issues of Joint Journal we would like to share our thoughts and opinion on current hot web-topics as well as introducing exciting development and news to you. We hope you enjoy 🙂






Let’s talk about

Its a nightmare202x150

It happens. I’ve seen it happen. It is a nightmare. Your website has just been hacked, or it has failed, or all the products that were on your sales page yesterday are gone. You sign on and suddenly you discover that all your data is gone, your images, your blogs… everything is GONE.
Maybe your (shared) server crashed or maybe it was something that you inadvertently did. Whatever the cause – the result is still the same. Your website is down, and your business is closed for the day – or even longer – until you can get it all figured out, put back together, and get it up and running again.

Recently this happened to two of my clients. They each had their own individual websites and they each had different servers – and they both had their website shopping carts – and their WordPress databases – crash. Continue reading